Friday, August 8, 2008

Más frutas

The next page has cerveza. I taught them that they had to be careful when they said cereza or they might get a cerveza since there is only one letter difference. They had fun laughing about getting mixed up. Then they asked each other, "¿Te gusta más las cerezas o la cerveza?" because we are also studying gustar.
Then there is a picture for helado con fresas y arándanos, las fresas, el cereal con arándanos, la toronja, las mandarinas, las frutas y los arándanos. I like to use stories to help them remember some harder words. So I told them about a toro that gored a grapefruit and everyone shouted ¨toronja.¨ They will never forget it and this picture will help them remember.

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tati said...

Cute pictures! I like the toro and toronja. Also, the cereza and cerveza. Very good cards and I think they will print up good quality.