Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Spanish Long Distance Class

I have three grandchildren who live far away. I want to be involved with their homeschooling so I teach them Spanish over the phone. We have been doing this once or twice a week for a year and a half. Let me introduce the students. K is 13 and has been interested in Spanish since she was very young. Her accent is very good and she remembers everything she is taught. C is 11 and excited about learning Spanish. Her accent is coming along. T is 8 and has to work to keep up with his older sisters. His mother helps him with the homework assignments. He is very bright and learns words easily. I teach him alone sometimes so that I can explain the grammar more simply and see that he understands how to do it. He needs to work on his accent but can make all the sounds so with time will develop a good accent.

My daughter speaks some Spanish. She minored in Spanish and can communicate adequately but would not feel comfortable enough to speak Spanish in the home. Her husband speaks Portuguese but is very supportive of the children learning Spanish.

I would like to share some of the things I do in this class which would be good for anyone who is trying to teach Spanish to their children. When I go to my youngest daughter´s house we speak Spanish three days of the week so her children are learning from immersion. That is the best way but any way that can be used for learning another language is certainly better than nothing.

I use the book Spanish is Fun for our basic text. It is easy to use, has lots of illustrations and a variety of activities.

Then I supplement the text with lots of extras. I make tapes for them to listen to in the car. I love to teach songs in Spanish and am working on a whole book of visual aids that we use with all our songs. I find things on the internet for them to do. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and so I supplement their Spanish with a lot of religious things. They know how to pray and one of them says a prayer to begin each class. Another time I will tell all about that.

I believe that as a child learns Spanish, he needs not only vocabulary but how to say things in complete sentences. So they must always answer in complete sentences.

If any of you are teaching your children Spanish let me know and we can share resources.


tati said...

I think it is so great that you are teaching Spanish, even long distance! I really do like the Spanish is Fun book. Speaking in sentences is so important so that language can be useful!

We are Little Amigos said...

Hola Tati!

I applaud your efforts for teaching Spanish long distance, it's a great idea! Stay tuned for a new feature I plan to add to my blog that I think can help your grand children.

Thank you for visiting my blog!


We are Little Amigos said...

oops, sorry, I meant:

Hola Ginny!!!!!!

Diane said...

This is so cool--long distance language learning! What a special way for you to connect. I'm teaching my kids French, and we're also learning Spanish together. Although I haven't actually used this, you might be interested in the Teach Me series Spiritual Songs. It's a collection of Sunday School songs in both English and Spanish.
I like your blog--I'm adding you to my blogroll.
Diane at

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