Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Game to Learn Vegetable Vocabulary

I have been working with my grandchildren on teaching them how to say all kinds of food. I wanted to have a game to play with them that would be fun but help them to learn vocabulary. I decided to do a memory game. Then I came up with a cute visual aid for the game.

We have been trying to learn names of vegetables. So we talk about what I have planted in y garden. En mi huerta he sembrado las zanahorias, los pimientos verdes, la espinaca, la flor (el girasol), los remolaches, la lechuga, el tomate, el coliflor, el repollo, los guisantes, el brócoli, la calabaza, los rábanos y el apio. (By the way I really do grow sunflowers in my garden and harvest sunflower seeds. )

Then I show the next picture and say. "Ay de mi, un conejo me robó. ¿Cuáles legumbres han desaprecido?"
They each have a page that they have to tell what vegetables are missing. If they miss one the others can help them. Then we replant the garden. Then another rabbit gets into the garden. By the time we have done it three times they should know all this vocabulary.


Tracie said...

Wow. You two have some great ideas. I am not surprised with all your experience. I am glad I found your site and although I am not homeschooling. I am still a mother!!

Diane said...

What a wonderful activity :-) Great visuals, too!

Diane from