Friday, March 6, 2009

Juego del Jueves: Los Colores & Ladrón

As I promised, I am going to be posting el Juego del Jueves every week. This week we did a few simple games that you may have already played before.

¡Ladrón, Ladrón!

You have a plate of random objects or around a certain theme. I decided to put a bunch of craft supplies on the plate. Everyone covers their eyes (we actually used towels) while one person takes something. Then, everyone uncovers their eyes and if they know what the person took, they say, "¡Ladrón, Ladrón! Llevaste (el lapiz)." If the person is right, the ladrón tells them "Tienes razón, lo siento." The person who guessed gets to be the ladrón the next time. It's a good way to learn new vocabulary. I like to have everyone say what is on the plate all together before we play each time. This can obviously be harder if you have more things on the plate or if the ladrón takes more than one thing.

Los Colores

Kids love spinners. We played our game with this simple spinner (Check out the Dollar Tree store, they have a pack of 6 spinners for $1). You can take a piece of cardboard or cardstock and cut an arrow and then put it on with a little metal fastener in the center of the circle. The kids spun it. Then they had to shout out the color they got, run and get something that color around the house and say, for example, "Este juguete es rojo." This would make a fun competition if you had multiple spinners. You could have each child have a spinner, each one has to spin it and race to find something the color they spinned and be the first to come back to the parent/teacher. The spinner could easily be adjusted to be used in other games.

Hopefully this will give people more ideas of activites in getting their kids to speak more Spanish. I think these activities only get them speaking a few sentences, but at least it is something!
By the way, I'm so excited for some giveaways, books and CD's it will be FUN!! I think I should have something by next week...


Maestra Jen said...

Great ideas! I love the Ladron game. We will try that one for sure. I just posted about a game we play w/ our kids, Guess who?.

Tricia said...

You can print out spinners with pictures from all kinds of themes/vocabulary sets. Go to Choose "worksheets". The themes and words you can choose from are at the top of the page, and then scroll down to the very bottom to find the spinner.

Tati said...

Thanks, Tricia for letting me know about I was looking for already made spinners- much easier than making my own :) Also, Thanks Jen for the Guess who? game idea.