Monday, March 30, 2009

Mama Bloguera!

I'm a mama bloguera! Check out the article I wrote about why I am raising my kids bilingually and how their abuelos are helping us! This week there will be other blogging moms who are raising their kids bilingually, so make sure and stop by here


amy said...

I loved reading this article. It was very inspiring. I think that you are doing such a wonderful job raising your kids bilingually and I love hearing all your great ideas.

Gigi said...

I loved your article. It is good to know that you to will once in a while get away from speaking Spanish. I always feel guilt when I switch.
My problem is that the minute someone speaks to me in English my brain switches!
One thing I have found that helps me is to start my day by speaking Spanish to my mom or dad on the phone. Once my brain gets warmed up....I keep it up!

Glenda said...

Hi Tati, I found your blog through SpanglishBaby and have browsed around a bit. I follow the speaking Spanish only 2 days but I am now more motivated to add more Spanish days. I've also got some ideas from your 'motivation' post! Thanks for motivating me and for visiting my blog!