Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jose-Luis Orozco Interview

I had a wonderful time interviewing Jose-Luis Orozco. He is a well-known children’s author, songwriter, performer and recording artist. I was given his CD, De Colores, along with the beautiful picture book as a gift from my sister when my first daughter was a baby. I love the way he sings traditional Latin songs and rhymes. Visit here to learn more about him.

What motivates you to write bilingual music?
I am very lucky to work for public schools in California. There are many communities that speak Spanish. It is very important to reach all children through the English and Spanish language. I am an educator and I like teaching languages through music.

How do you think children are best motivated to learn a second language?
In my case, I think music is a BIG motivator because I am a musician and an educator. Music is a great motivator to teach language, history, culture and movement.

Did you teach your children to speak Spanish? If so, how did you do this? Did you only speak in Spanish? What challenges did you find as you taught them?
Yes! At an early age, we were in a bilingual setting in California. We did it all: speaking, dancing and singing in Spanish. We took them on many trips to Mexico to visit with relatives and to live the Mexican culture. They picked up both languages as they attended a bilingual school. Their mother is a bilingual teacher. They had both cultures in their home. The challenge was to pay for the trips to Mexico. They have also participated in many multicultural community events.

What tips would you give parents that are teaching their children Spanish?
- Talk, sing and play with them in Spanish.
- Read books to them.
- Visit the local library.
- Participate in multicultural community events.

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i loved the interview! Thank you for sharing.