Friday, April 24, 2009

Video of the Week: La Vaca Lola

This video is great for beginners! It is very simple. The whole song is traditional Cumbia music and it says one sentence over and over again. Kids could understand it even if they never have heard a word of Spanish before.

La Vaca Lola, la vaca lola, tiene cabeza y tiene cola y dice Muu.
Lola, the cow, has a head and has a tail and says moo.

Get the kids dancing on this one!


Mama Ana said...

My son LOVES this song.

Tara said...

AHH- Cumbia- brings back memories of Argentina! My boys love your videos! Thanks!

Gabi's Mama said...

can't wait to go home and show to my daughters! Thanks!

Kirsten said...

Remember the dog, Lola? Whenever I hear this song (which is often) I think of her and how fun it was to say "Hola Lola". Olivia loves this song!!! She wants me to play it constantly and she just dances and dances!

I've started asking Olivia where things are in Spanish to teach her some vocabulary and Kyle laughs hysterically whenever I say "Donde esta". It's very fun. Thanks for posting the video link--we've really been enjoying it!

Jessica said...

My daughter recognized the tune to this song right away from Dora. "I speak Spanish and English too. I like them both how about you."

Good to know where the song actually comes from.