Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wonderful Blogs!

The main two reasons why I started this blog was to help me keep my goals with teaching my children Spanish and to get ideas from others who are teaching Spanish (or foreign languages). I find it so motivating to read how others are working hard (and it is hard work) to teach children Spanish.

I wanted to share just a few of the blogs that include Spanish Teaching that I think are so fantastic: (if I don't share yours, it's just that it got lost in my bookmarks, sorry)
-Musicuentos A high school teacher who emphasized music and media while teaching Spanish. I love how she emphasizes making learning stress-free and fun!
-Grillos y Canarios A mom who homeschools her three boys bilingually with a Montessori approach.
-Montessori Spanish A mom who reinforces her children's learning Spanish and the Montessori method.

Other moms using Spanish Only Days to teach their children Spanish:
-Ramblings of a Mother
-Our Montessori Chronicles

All of these bloggers have amazing blog rolls. I just haven't had the time to explore!

Also, check out all the blogs on my blog roll! You won't want to miss them.


Glenda said...

Thank you for this post Tati. It is great to find other bilingual moms using Montessori at home. And thanks for listing my blog on your post!

Clemencia said...

wow! we have something in common, that's exactly the same reason why I opened my blog, thanks for the list of these wonderful blogs

Xia said...

Muchas gracias Tati!

Blogger said...

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