Thursday, June 11, 2009

To Brazil and Back

We have been busy travelling and moving! We are finally somewhat settled in our new home. We had a fun time visiting Sao Paulo, Brazil where my husband's parents are serving a mission for our church.

We had a wonderful time. Traveling was not as hard as I thought it would be. Some highlights were: spending time with family, going to church in a small pueblo, eating at a Brazilian family's home, spotting a group of monkeys on a walk in the Botanical gardens (not the zoo), relaxing at the beach, going to the zoo and eating yummy Brazilian food every day!

Monkey in between my girls. Picture below is up close.

It reminded me a lot of when I lived in Honduras. It got us excited about living overseas someday. The kids were a little confused by portuguese. My oldest daughter, Princesa, actually played with a Brazilian girl on the playground with Princesa speaking Spanish and the girl speaking Portuguese. I love how children really don't need to speak perfectly to make new friends and have fun. Super Nina is still convinced that she speaks Portuguese. She just starts speaking in jibberish (with inflection and all) sometimes and says she speaks Portuguese.
It has been hard getting back a schedule, including speaking with my girls in Spanish. I would say we have been spending about half of our Spanish days only speaking Spanish :(. I did join a great group of moms who speak Spanish to their kids. They all want their children to meet friends that they will only speak Spanish with them. We also met a mom with a 2 year old who goes to the same park everyday. The little girl loved Princesa and they had fun speaking Spanish together. We are also going to try out an immersion Spanish class on Monday.

I'm excited to get back posting, it might not be as often as I was posting before. It motivated me to see I have more followers :) I have 4 giveaways that I have just left hanging. I'm sorry about that. I'll have to figure that out soon!
We're back!


Ana L. Flores said...

Welcome back..we missed you! So glad to see you were just out with the family having some fun. Brazil! How great is that? Loved the pics.

The Conductor said...

We're glad you're back, Tati! Looks like you had a fantastic trip. Thanks for always inspiring us with your example of your Spanish efforts -- even on vacation!

Tara said...

I'm glad you're back! We've missed you! But I think you deserved a little vacation, too!