Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Online Spanish Games!

There are some cute games and programs out there for young children that cost money, like Foreign Language Friends. I always want games that are age appropriate for my children that don't require Spanish reading skills. Most games for teaching Spanish do require reading because Spanish is usually taught when children are older.

But I found some great games that repeat words and phrases and are perfect for my kids.
Did I mention they are free? They came from one of my favorite blogs from Spain(http://www.marife.wordpress.com/) You have to check them out!

They are created by la Junta de Castilla y León. They have juegos infantiles you can find here. There are games for body parts, musical instruments, cleaning the forest, letters and seasons. The Juega y Aprenda birdhouse games would not work on my computer. Did they work on yours? Here is a screen shot of the page. You can click the image to go to the site :)

La Junta de Castilla y Leon comes out with new games each summer. This summer has not yet come. Some of the games did not work on my computer, but click here or the image below to play some of the summer games.

If you go to the website above and then click on the Juega y Aprenda button, then click Aprende Jugando button. It will then take you to the screen shown below (there is no direct link to these games). They were some of our favorite games.



Anonymous said...

These are great Tati. I found some that I can play with my son now. Thanks!

cathy said...

I've tried it with the little ones and they LOVE IT. Nothing better than learning while they play!