Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Animales de la Selva Lesson Plan

We have been sick for a couple of weeks. But we hope to have class next week. Here is a class we did a couple of weeks ago.

Animales de la Selva

Buenos Dias by Jose-Luis Orozco (see first lesson for explanation)
Como Te Llamas Tu tap (see first lesson for explanation)

Activity: Each child took turns drawing a stuffed animal out of the bag. I would say the names and all would repeat. They drew out un elefante, un leon, un mono y un oso.

Game: All the children covered their eyes while I hid one of the animals behind my back. Then the children opened their eyes and had to answer the question, "Cual animal no esta?" El elefante no esta. We did this multiple times.

Book/Flannel Board: Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo by by Bill Martin Jr., Eric Carle
*I checked out a storytime kit from my library which came with this adorable flannel board storytelling kit from Lakeshore Learning. Check to see if your local library or one nearby lends storytelling kits :) I would pause to see if they could name the animal before me as I read the story.

Activity: I took out a barrel of monkeys (they are like $5 at walmart). The children had to help me count as I hung each monkey on top of each other. "un monito, dos monitos, etc." Of course, they loved it when one monkey would fall. After we counted to ten, I swung the monkeys so that they would fall all around the kids . Se cayeron todos los monos! The kids loved this. They helped me put them back in the barrel and we did it all over again. I think this time we even sang the song to the tune of Ten Little Indians singing:

Uno, dos, tres monitos,
cuatro, cinco, seis, monitos,
siete, ocho, nueve monitos,
diez monitos son.

*They have already sung this song with other animals and they love familiarity and repetition.

Cancion: Es Hora de Leer

Book: En un árbol, están 5 monitos by Eileen Christelow

I changed the words slightly when they got to the crocodile part and I actually sang it like this song.

Song: Cinco Monitos Columpiandose en un Arbol
(I don't own the song, just heard it and sang it myself.)
After we read the book, I brought out a glove (again from the library storytime kit, but you could easily make one) The glove had 5 little monkey heads on each finger. My oldest daughter helped me cut out a tree top shape and I pasted it onto a brown paper sack. I had the sack around my arm and the glove peaking out over the tree top.

The kids sang this song with me this time (we just sang it, no music). We did this a couple of times. They loved watching the monkeys disappear with my glove puppet. Here are the words from this website:
Cinco monitos
columpiandose en un arbol,
molestatando al caiman,
"no me puedes agarrar."
Llego el caiman
muy calladito
y agarro a un monito
fuera del arbolito.
Cuatro monitos...Tres monitos...Dos monitos...Un monito...

That is just a winter glove with monkey heads hot glued on. My oldest made the cute alligator!

Book: De Paseo por la Selva by Debbie Harter. This has such a fun CD that goes with it. We love listening to it! We listened to the book/song on CD and of course they loved it!

Craft: Osos de Chocolate,
yummy for the kids (chocolate doughnuts like these are gross to me, but the bears are cute :)

1 Chocolate covered mini doughts (la cabeza)
2 chocolate goldfish (stick the fish tail in the doughnut and they look like orejas)
3 chocolate chips or raisins (los ojos y la nariz!)

Things we had planned, but we didn't do:
Animal Puzzle- My girls and I put together this adorable jungle themed animal puzzle. Then I took out 4 pieces that you could tell went to a certain animal (the lion's head, the elephant's feet, etc.) We were going to have each child have a puzzle piece. Then ask, "Quien tiene la cabeza del leon?" until we put the whole puzzle together.

Song: Cinco elefantes con una tela de arana. Next week I will be doing a fun craft to go along with the song.

*Please leave a comment if you sing a song, read a book or do any games or activities mentioned here! We would love it!


Adriana said...

I am not sure which is my favorite part. Maybe the mono donuts.:) I will try out of few of these with the boys and report back to you. I know that they will love them!

Tricia said...

The Dollar Tree dollar store by my house has a three pack of cute monkey masks right now. Very cute and fun.