Thursday, October 1, 2009

Animales: Las Mascotas

I have to mention that I love having a mom that loves Spanish teaching as much as I do. I chat with her probably every week about what I am planning to do. She always has great activities and songs to suggest. A lot of these ideas come from her! Thanks, mom!

Well, I am a week behind. This is what we did last Thursday, not this morning :)

Welcome Song: Buenos Dias
Como te llamas?

Song: Los Patitos Van al Agua (the only recording I could find is not a good recording, she even says she has a sore throat. She sings other verses and leaves out the tralala at the end You can find it here.)
Los patitos van al agua, tienen ganas de nadar
En hiladas bien formadas, todos pueden caminar
tralala tralala tralalalalalala

After I sang it two times with the flannel board from last week. I had the children act like ducks and get in a line following me as the mother duck and quacking a lot :)

Book: Ven, Gatita, Ven! by Pat Mora

Activity: The children closed there eyes while I hid a stuffed animal cat. Then they took turns hiding it. The children had to say "Donde esta la gatita?" Ella encontro la gatita! as we played.

Activity: We did a simple game of charades. A children drew a picture of an animal and had to act it out while the other children guessed which animal he/she was.

Song: I passed out 10 little dog cut-outs. We sang Diez perritos to the tune of 10 Little Indians.

Uno, Dos, Tres perritos.
Cuatro, Cinco, Seis perritos,
siete ocho, nueve perritos,
diez perritos son.

Song: Soy su amiguito- this is a great song. I took a little video of my girls singing it and I also have visuals. We'll see if I have time to post them.

Book: Corre, Perro, Corre! by P.D. Eastman I skipped half of the book! I read the beginning and then when the dogs go to bed and then go to the party in the tree. I knew the children wouldn't last as long as the book. They loved the book!

Craft: We created a spin-the-animal for the kids to play at home. They have to ask Que dice el pato? every time they spin the animal.

Spin the Animal


Ginny said...

I love the way the craft encourages them to speak Spanish at home. Now I remember the other verses to Los Patitos. I just sang you the first verse. I think I have the music to that. Great ideas.

Tricia said...

When we play hide and seek with an object like a stuffed cat, the children all chant "¿Dónde está el gatito?" over and over again while someone searches, getting louder as the person gets closer to the hidden gatito. They love the whispering and the shouting both!