Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bajo El Agua and other informational books

For homeschool science and social studies this year we are doing an ocean theme. Last semester we focused on boats and sailors. This semester we are focusing on animals of the sea and shore. The nonfiction books I find in Spanish are either too simple or too difficult. Some books have one word on each page or way too much information that it will lose my girls.

When I find a nonfiction book that they can understand, it is a big deal! We recently found Bajo El Agua by TwoCan publishers at the library. I searched on amazon and found they have a series of these informational books in Spanish. Here is a link to the search I did.

It has information explained in pretty simple language. I also loved the back page with questions. It was great for a discussion and to see that my kids really did understand the book.

Do you have any other informational books or series in Spanish that you use or like?


Maria said...

I like the Spanish edition of DK publishing books for informational reading.

medina family said...

Thanks for sharing those resources! It is definitely hard to find Spanish books at just the right level for young children.

I was wondering if you were still doing your group classes for kids? Those posts you did with links to songs and activities were so helpful!

Susan said...

Thanks for the information. We just spent a day at the aquarium and Luke loved it. These books will be great.

Adriana said...

I think that they have that book at our library. I am going to look for it. I meant to tell you about a series of science books (Mi pequena enciclopedia) that I have been collecting for the boys. We have a couple of them and the boys love them. Here a link to one on Amazon:

Anonymous said...

This website has informational text materials in Spanish. Nice!