Monday, March 29, 2010

Teaching the Spanish Alphabet

Luckily the Spanish alphabet is very similar to the English alphabet. My daughter was coloring with chalk outside last summer and wrote a simple Spanish word "gato" by herself even though we have never talked about the Spanish alphabet. I think it will come quite naturally and quickly.

I found 29 Spanish Alphabet Mini-Books done by scholastic, a book full of mini books. There is a reproducible 8 page mini book for each Spanish letter. They can color them and then read the books to me. Each mini book has a blank page to write or draw other words that start with that letter.

Ways to use mini-books:

*Pretend like the kids are the teacher. They have to show me the words and I have to repeat the words.

*Make up a pretend story using all the words in each mini book. For example, Estaba lloviendo y el arbol estaba muy triste. De repente, el arbol vio un arco iris en el cielo....

*After reading the book, play charades! Have the children act out one word from the book and the other children have to guess what it is.

*Play pictionary. Have one child draw a picture and the other students have to guess which word it is from the mini book.

*Do a scavenger hunt. As you read the book, look for objects in the house that could represent each word from the mini book.

****You can find other mini books with simple language with the Kindergarten McGraw-Hill home school connection here. They are free! You could also create your own mini books by cutting pictures of words that start with the same letter out of magazines.


Susan said...

What a great resource! Thank you so much.

p said...

great tips.

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