Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Un Pulpito

At a recent Spanish storytime we attended, I loved the theme "Seco o Mojado." We read two informational books about wet animals. Then the teacher took out a tub of puppets. The children had to say if it was a dry or a wet animal and put it into two groups. It was great for practising animal vocabulary and mojado and seco. We then sang Un Pulpito by Charlotte Diamond, a cute song about a fish that gets eaten by an octopus, who gets eaten by a shark, etc. We are studying the ocean theme this year for homeschool, so I was so excited to have this reinforcement of vocabulary we have already learned.

Here is a video on youtube with the lyrics and the music, although if you use it, I would buy the song on amazon here.

I found some patterns online from a library website to create your own visuals either on cardstock and color or cut out of flannel and make a flannel board story. Click here for the patterns and scroll down to where it says Un Pulpito.


Karen said...

That is such a cute idea. Wish I was still teaching preschool Spanish.

unpedacitodemadre said...

I love this idea! My daughter is playing with water right now, I will go to her and do this :)

Elaine said...

This looks so fun! Great post!

videos for kids said...

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