Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Power of Cereal Boxes

Have you ever thought how much time your kids spend studying in close detail the back of the cereal box?

My kids can hardly wait to get to see the pictures or silly characters on the back. They each want to have a box sitting in front of them every morning as they eat their cheerios.

But have you also noticed how boring the backs of the more healthy cereal boxes are? Multigrain cheerios, MiniWheats and Raisin Bran are usually the three options. The backs are no fun at all!

Why not motivate kids by putting fun pages they can study on the backs of their cereal boxes?

I made a simple picture of objects that start with the letter e in Spanish. The kids are remembering these new vocabulary words. We have played I spy or given each other clues to guess which object we are thinking of. I also put a worksheet up of the word family we are focusing on for the week on another box. I think the more colorful and fun they are, the more the kids will love studying them.

Some other fun ideas would be:
*Hidden Picture puzzles from Highlights magazines here
*Make a word search here with vocabulary words
*Other worksheets that have pictures and activities, even worksheets they have already completed that they can re-read and study.

*I heard this idea from a Suzuki piano teacher trainer, Cleo Brimhall. She gives her students composer biographies or other facts about different composers to put on the backs of cereal boxes. It motivates the kids to be interested in composers and interested in practising the piano.


Elaine said...

I love this!

Johanna said...

What a fun idea. It makes me want to get some cereal boxes.