Monday, October 11, 2010

Caperucita Roja

We had our first webcam retell of our story of the week. Every day this past week, we read this wonderful version of Caperucita Roja by Ana Lomba. I love how she uses simple vocabulary that is easy for the kids to remember and understand.

My girls' abuela speaks Spanish and is passionate about teaching as well! It was fun to have my girls retell the story to her and show her the pictures via webcam. She asked questions and made them answer with details about the story. She also had them giggling. It was a success! We will continue to do this each week. I think it is wonderful practice to be able to retell a story in Spanish. I believe it helps build confidence in the child that they can speak Spanish fluently. Eventually it will give them confidence to speak more in Spanish.

Do you know anyone you can connect with via skype or webcam? It defintely makes it more excited to speak Spanish for someone :)


Elaine said...

Success! Good job! I have her CD and I can hear the song to this as I read your post.

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