Wednesday, February 23, 2011

School Vocab Game

I mentioned before that my mom talks with my three daughters via skype once a week. She always has prepared fun games or stories to tell them in Spanish. She homeschools two of her grandchildren and teaches Spanish lessons to most of her grandchildren! I am posting a great powerpoint she put together to play a game to review school supply vocabulary.

You can use the sentences with the different objects for the first slide. Then you can play a game with the other slides. You can't see on the preview how it works (you have to download and make it do the slide show to see). You play the "Que Desaparecio?" and the child/student has to say what's missing from the group of objects.

Review Game Escuela

Isn't Abuela great for doing this?


Spanglish Queen said...

Oh I shouldn't have read this when I was in a snippy mood. I think it's wonderful that your mother does this. I am going to forward this to my mom, who has only Skyped with us twice since the baby was born. (He's almost one) Actually once because the second time it was for her friends.

Hi Mom!


Elaine said...

Love this! Thanks for posting it!