Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mi Casa Activity

Mi casa blanca tiene puertas rojas.
Tres ventanas y techo azul
Al lado el garaje, atrás el jardín
Es mi casa blanca que me gusta a mí

We had a lot of fun today! My mother gave my girls an amazing book full of Spanish songs, both traditional and educational. She created visual aids for all of the songs, so my girls will be able to know exactly what they are singing. One song that my oldest daughter really loved is from an old record my mom got from Columbia with traditional songs. We were able to write the music down. Here is my sketch of it (she might replace this with a computerized notation).

Then, the girls and I were playing with the keyboard and made up a fun version of the song with a latin beat. You can hear the music and see when the words go with it. Enjoy!

*I think in the video I misspelled garaje. Sorry about that.

The girls wanted to make their own houses. So each one decided what color their house would be, how many ventanas it would have, etc. Then we sang about each of their houses. This would be a great way to teach a lot of good vocabulary to your Spanish class or to your kids.

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