Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spanish Dictation

I teach a group of three girls Spanish lessons. I wanted to work on their ability to write and to read in Spanish. So I started doing Spanish Dictation every week. I give each one a sheet.

On the first section, I read a line and then they repeat. We sing the first two lines from the song that is on the Muzzy video. "A, E, I, O, U te quiero." Then we do the same with "La, Le, Li, Lo, Lu te quiero."

Then when we get to the colored lines each one takes a color. They first repeat the line after me with their fingers following along the line and pointing to each one as it is read. Then they take turns reading their line again.

Then we do the same with the sentences. First they repeat then read on their own. If they were older I might not have as much repetition.

Then we do a simple dictation. I say ten syllables and they write them. It is hard at first for them to get used to the vowel sounds so we do a lot with consonants that are the same in English.

As we advance through the other sounds we do a lot with explanations and feeling how the sounds are made to improve their pronunciation. We are using the Pronunciation Exercises at This is a fantastic website with lots of free instruction and exercises. I will write about it more later.

Here is a sample page. If you want me to send you the file I use for all of them just send me a message.

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