Friday, February 27, 2009

Incredible Blog and Computer Games

I think games are a great teaching tool for kids. Kids love playing games on the computer, so it gives them motivation that Spanish (or any language) is fun. They can also increase vocabulary and comprehension. Keep in mind that some games do not require very much language at all (For example, a memory game that does not say each object in Spanish when it is turned over). Also, many times games do not increase their fluency in speaking. To get the most out of playing games on the computer, it is important to play with your child and have conversations about what is happening.

Now on to the incredible blog:

This site has so many games, interactive storybooks, videos, music and more links to help teach Spanish to children! It is incredible. I'm so grateful I have found it! She has included so many games that I don't really have much to add.

More games: these games are for older children that can read. love these simple games for younger children and even toddlers. They link some stories to the storyplace website.

I will post about audiobooks next!


Diane said...

I just discovered your new site dedicated to teaching kids Spanish. Absolutely LOVE it :-) I'm adding you to my blogroll at

I can tell I'll be visiting a lot. Thanks for the great suggestions.

Learn Spanish for Kids and Family said...

Thanks, I’ve seen your blog before during my, all of the ex-pats are linked together, which is really cool. Thanks for the mention and I put your link up here too.
Kids will catch on to the language almost as quickly as they catch on with other things. The trick is to provide them with kid-friendly activities in Spanish that will inspire them to learn the language while having a whale of a time!