Thursday, March 12, 2009

Juego del Jueves: A Mi Me Gusta

A Mi Me Gusta...

This week I played a game specifically working on an area that my daughter makes mistakes. Instead of correcting her all the time, I decided to just let it go, but play some games to help her practice saying it the right way. She has been saying "Yo me gusta" all the time instead of saying, "A mi me gusta" or "a ti te gusta." I decided to make a game where she draws a picture out of a bag and says whether she likes to eat it or not. I made them silly, for example, she will draw a banana, but also she could draw a car, a spider or a shirt. At her age, the sillier the game, the more she likes it.
I just printed these on cardstock and cut them along the lines. I hope someone can use these!

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