Monday, April 13, 2009

La Playa

I was teaching my classes a lesson about places we go. One of the places was "la playa." Everytime I hear the word "playa" I start singing "Coge tu somprero y pontelo." I decided to look up the song and I was excited to find a video of "Maria Isabel." It is as fun as I had remembered. I am going to teach the whole song to my classes. The first video is basic.

Click here for another version that is more fun but has some girls dancing which you might need to make sure you approve of before showing it to young children.

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Joaquin said...

Buenas noches desde Alicante ( Spain), pensando en gente como usted, he creado un premio al "Compromiso Educativo" que me alegraría que recoja en
Saludos y Enhorabuena por su trabajo!!!