Monday, April 13, 2009

La Pascua

We had a wonderful Easter and celebrated with some good friends of ours. Our friends are from Chile and the two daughters (both college age) babysit our girls and always speak Spanish with them. We met them through the church and have really loved having someone we trust to watch our kids and teach them Spanish! We ate Easter dinner with them. The entire time, everyone pretty much only spoke Spanish. It was so fun to see Super Niña (my almost 3 year-old) really trying to speak only in Spanish. Princesa (my 4 year-old) loved rattling off in Spanish and loved the attention she gets when she speaks in Spanish.

I was reminded yet again how wonderful the Latin culture is. I have only met with the mother a few times, but I have asked a few favors (like having her daughters watch my girls when I left for my grandma's funeral, emergency dentist appointments, etc.) I know that they would be willing to sacrifice anything to help us out. They are such giving people. After dinner, they had prepared an Easter egg hunt with little toys and candies for the kids. They had bought chalk for the kids to draw on the porch. As we left, they even gave Super Nina a little tambor that speaks in Spanish. They showered us with gifts and love! I was again amazed at how generous and giving our friends were. It gave me even more motivation to continue teaching these niñas Spanish, so they can get to know a wonderful culture that is full of warmth, love and giving.

Super Niña, Angelita y Princesa

Let your children get to know Spanish speaking people and really develop a friendship with them. It is motivating for you and for them.

By the way, I have GREAT giveways in the making that I am really excited about. You won't want to miss multiple products being given away at a time.

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Glenda said...

What a fun Easter. Cute picture!

Tara said...

What cute girls! How wonderful that your daughters are speaking Spanish at such a young age! Your enthusiasm is catching!