Monday, July 6, 2009

Disney Cantar y Jugar CD

My old library had an incredible collection of great Spanish children's music. I checked this one out thinking it might have something to do with Disney Music. Instead, it is collection of native speakers singing catchy versions of traditional Latin music. I love how it uses a variety of music styles- merenge, cumbia, reggae. Not only do my kids love it, I don't get tired of listening to it and I even love to dance around the house with them while listening :)

You can buy individual songs. Some songs on the CD are better than others. You have to listen to Que Llueva version. It is so fun! Click here to hear samples of all the different songs and buy individually or buy the whole CD for $8. Or you can just click below to hear samples :)

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Keen said...

Isn't it an awesome CD? I found it when I was looking for a decent version of "La Vaca Lechera." I was skeptical of Mickey on the cover, but it sure wasn't what I expected!