Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Video: Las Tres Mellizas

These little triplets are adorable. My girls love their names: Ana, Teresa y Elena. I love how they repeat words and phrases and speak very clearly. My kids love them! I believe if you have direct TV they come on a channel, but I don't know for sure.

***PLEASE be extremely careful with letting your kids watch movies on You Tube. My girls were watching this clip while I was doing something else in the same room. After the clip was finished, they clicked on another Tres Mellizas, then they clicked on another cartoon that was extremely inappropriate. I didn't know they had clicked something else, but I felt like I should check what they were watching and I caught it after only a few seconds. I'm so thankful they did not see more of this awful cartoon. I am now going to be extremely careful. Please be careful, too!

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Ana L. Flores said...

We, too, love the mellizas bebés!
We actually posted one of their videos as a Video of the Week some months ago. I had only found one clip back then, I´m glad you found some more!
You can watch them on V-Me, which is basically PBS in Spanish and available as a free broadcast channel.