Saturday, August 29, 2009

Immersion Class: Parts of the Body Part 2

We continued learning vocabulary of parts of the body on Thursday's class.

To answer a few questions that were asked in the comments:
I charge for the classes (although I offer a free trial class for anyone that wants to try it out)
Each week there has been a different number of students. Only 3 students have officially signed up for the classes, but my classes have ranged from 4-9 children in the classes. I have my two older girls in the classes as well. I hope to get more committed students if I decide to continue in the Fall. I have advertised in the Spanish speaking moms group that I am a part of. Another homeschooler that is part of my church also has her daughter in the class. I use so many different resources. If you didn't notice my hobby is finding all the music, DVD's and activities to teach my kids Spanish. I have written about products (CD's and DVD's) I use in the past.

**I like using lots of repetition. A lot of the activities are the same as last week or build on each other. This way the children feel comfortable with what they have learned and really learn it :)

Parts of the Body Part 2
Song: Buenos Dias by Jose-Luis Orozco

Game: Como te llamas? This is a good way to introduce everyone if there are new faces :) We patted our laps 2 times, clapped our hands 2 times and repeated again and again to keep in rhythm. We would say to the beat Como te llamas tu? and each child would say Yo me Llamo... (or I would say it with them) to the beat.

Puppet: La tortuga came out. I had him sleeping and all the children had to yell "Despiertate" so he would wake up. It took them 3 times to tell him to wake up before he actually woke up :).
Then he asked for their help in finding the parts of his body. The children showed him where ojos, boca, cabeza and manos are. They all touched their eyes and then one child got to touch the tortuga's eyes.

Song: Cabeza, cara hombros pies (I love this version because there are only 4 parts of the body they need to know.) We sang this song only 3 times. Each time the kids picked a card that would have a different way to sing it (sad, happy, loud, soft)

Activity: Senor papa comes out again. They gave him a face by pulling things out of the bag. Then we played a game where all the children closed their eyes and I took one part of the face away. They all opened their eyes and they had to answer. Que le falta al senor papa?

Game: Bingo! I made the exact same bingo sheets with the same 8 parts of the body, but I just switched which square the pictures were in. I called out each picture and before they could put a cheerio on their picture, they had to say the word. Then after it was finished, they got to eat their nine cheerios!
Song: Los Ninos Cuando Bailan. I love the Whistlefritz A Bailar CD. It's very fun like Jose-Luis Orozco.
Reading Song: We always sing a little song I made up before we read our stories. It is magical, they are so quiet! I will have to record it sometime.

Activity: I brought out a sleeping baby doll. They had to touch the different parts of the body that were told in the story.

Craft: I bought butcher paper from Lakeshore Learning. The children each laid down on the big sheets and the moms outlined them. They then had to color their ojos, nariz, pelo, etc. Even if the drawings ended up looking like monsters, they loved it :)
I hope you will use these ideas in your classrooms and homes! I am also giving my student's moms a link to this so they can practice fingerplays or activities with their children at home.


medina family said...

Thank you for taking the time to post these ideas. I've been looking for something like this for a long time...maybe wanting to start something similar where I live. Your class sounds like a lot of fun!

diane said...

Brilliant! Can't wait to hear your pre-reading song. What a great idea.

Tricia said...

A couple of years ago when my preschool class was studying body parts I took my digital camera into class and took extreme close-ups of noses, eyes, ears, hand, etc. We use those photos for all kinds of games--the kids seem to like them so much better than cartoon pictures of body parts.

Can I make a suggestion? As you add these brilliant ideas to the blog, you might want to make a sidebar link to all of them. That way I can find them quickly when I need a last minute lesson plan for my classes!! :)

Justin and Lorna said...

Please keep sharing! I am teaching a homeschool co-op Spanish class and struggle to come up with new and fun ideas. I LOVE THIS!!