Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Immersion Class: La Ropa

Greeting: (see other days for links or explanation)
Buenos Dias
Como te llamas tu

Song: Cabeza, cara, hombres, pies (link on past entry)

Puppet: Carlos el Caballo Puppet comes out and wants to put on socks. He first wants to put them on his ears, then his nose and finally his feet. I ask the children after putting them on each part if that is where they should put them. We count each sock together as I put them on his feet (un calcetin, dos calcetines, etc.)

Video Clip
: I showed a 2 minute video clip from Whistlefritz Vamos a Jugar video. It is an adorable clip of Maria trying to decide what to put on her head. She puts pants, a sock, a skirt and then finally a hat on her head. Lots of repetition and little kids think it is so funny!

Song: Así nos ponemos.. (to the tune of This is the way we..)
I took each piece of clothing out of a bag, said it's name and then we would pretend we were putting it on as we sang.
Así nos ponemos los pantalones, los pantalones, los pantalones…
Así nos ponemos los pantalones, todas las mañanas
-la camiseta
-la chaqueta
-los calcetines
-los zapatos

Activity: Clothes Line with clothes on them
As I hung up each piece of clothing, all the children repeated its name. Then I asked each child to run and get me each piece. Then we would say, "Jack (name of the child) quito la camiseta" together.
Cancion: Quiero mis botas donde estan? A cute song from Lango Kids about a person looking for their clothes and they are actually already on them.

Reading song: Es hora de leer
Libro: Azul el sombrero, Verde el Sombrero By: Sandra Boynton

Game: All the children closed their eyes while I hid pictures of clothes around the room. Then I asked each child to find a piece each time. After they found it, we would all say "Jack encontro la camiseta" all together.
Song: Si llevas....To the tune of If you're Happy and You Know It.
We would see who is wearing a shirt and then sing.
Si Llevas camiseta, saltaras. Si Llevas camiseta, saltaras.
Si Llevas camiseta, que divertido es! Si Llevas camiseta, saltaras.
Then we would see who is wearing pants, a dress, shoes, etc. and then sing a new verse.

Reading song: Es hora de leer
Book: Juguemos en el bosque By: Claudia Rueda. Easy to translate especially since it is a traditional game in Latin America
I wrote a post about this and other possible activities here.

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Diane said...

Hands on and fun! I used to have little laminated articles of clothing that I hung on a clothesline--easy for travel from class to class. My song was to the tune of "The Bear Went Over the Mountain." Also did lots of questions like, "Bring me something you wear when it's cold/in the summer/ etc" or review colors. Sounds like you are a natural creating thematic, active lessons. Keep 'em coming!