Monday, March 23, 2009

Juguemos en el Bosque Activity

In our area, there are not very many Spanish story times and activities. There is a family Spanish story time held on Tuesday night in a library about 25 minutes from us. We try to make it as much as we can, but it is hard on a busy week-day night and it is kind of farther away. It is fun for the girls to see people that speak Spanish all the time and know that I am not the only person that speaks it! I always love the shocked looks I get from the Latin parents that are there with their kids when my oldest daughter answers the questions in Spanish :)

One fun activity we have done at the story time is the game Juguemos en el Bosque. Claudia Rueda actually created a book in English after this traditional Latin American game called Let's Play in the Forest. She played it with her friends while growing up in Colombia.

Here is how to play: In the game, one person is the lobo and goes to the corner of the room. The other children hold hands in a circle and skip around while chanting "Juegemos en el bosque mientras el lobo no está..." then they ask if the lobo is there and he responds that he is getting dressed putting on different pieces of clothing (his socks, shoes, pants, etc.) Finally after multiple times of asking, the lobo says he is coming out to eat them. He runs out and tries to catch one of the children. The person he tags becomes the new lobo.

Ana Lomba has this song on her wonderful CD, Hop, Skip and Sing Spanish if you are looking for a copy of the song to listen with your kids. I checked that CD out from my local library and loved it so much. It's on my wishlist of things to buy :)

Here is a silly video from You Tube so you can hear the song and get the idea for the song.

Claudia Rueda's version of this game is adorable. I read this to my girls (I actually just translated it and read it in Spanish even though it is printed only in English). My two year-old started getting a little nervous at the end of the book because it says the wolf is ready, ready to eat... But the end is adorable that he is ready to eat his favorite breakfast- pancakes.

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Tara said...

Sounds fun! I think my boys would love this. It reminds me of Colored Eggs which I think would be a fun one to do in Spanish. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

The Conductor said...

I wonder if this is where that game "What time is it, Mr. Fox" came from? Sounds similar, but I think I like the Spanish version better! (Cute little song, plus I like how it adds the vocabulary of clothing items as opposed to just stating the hour as in the "Mr. Fox" game.)

I am loving all your fun ideas! Thanks so much!

heather said...

HI, I am looking for the sheet music for Juguemos en el bosque, does anyone know where i can get this from?

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