Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wonderful Storytime Resource

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I had to share an incredible resource I found! The Texas State library has a resource for librarians with full lesson plans for incredible bilingual storytimes with different themes. You can read the intro as to why they created this manual here.

For each theme, they list great bilingual books, fingerplays, games, activities, crafts, songs, everything!

For preschool age, they have storytimes about:
Exploring El Mercado
Quíquiri- / Cockadoodle-Moo
Sapos cachones y ranas saltonas / Horny Toads and Jumping Frogs

For toddlers, they have storytimes about:
Hats Around the World
Los Animales
Volando sobre Texas / Through Texas with Wings
Texas quiere decir: amigos / Texas Means Friends
Craft Patterns

Programs for families include:
Cuentos de Animales / Animal Stories
Exploring Our Festivities and Fiestas
¡Es hora de festejar! / Fiesta Time!
Nuestras familias / Our Families
Las estrellas resplandecen sobre Texas / Stars Shine Bright in Texas
¡Aventúrate! Vamos al Oeste / Be Adventurous: Hitch a Ride to West Texas

WOW!!! Check it out!

I love reading all the fingerplays. They have pictures that they use for flannel board stories. Don't have a flannel board or figurines? I like to print mine on card stock and attach a little magnet piece to them and then use a magnetic mini white board. Or if you have a simple felt board (just a board with felt on it!) you can hot glue a little felt on printed out papers and then stick papers on the felt board. Make sense?

Teachers and parents can use these with their children so easily. It is all right there! I will definitely be looking here for ideas for my immersion class!


Adriana said...

You just made my day! What an awesome list of ideas! I will definately use them with my boys and my Mommy and Me Spanish classes. BTW, we are in Texas and it is surprisingly difficult to find bilingual or Spanish storytimes at our libraries. I have been thinking about volunteering to do one.

Paula G - Professor Pocket said...

Hi Tati,
A friend of mine told me about your blog, it's great!!! I am originally from the Dominican Republic, and grew up in a bilingual household. I am now raising my 10 month old son bilingually as well. I also own a company called Professor Pocket that produces bilingual story and music CDs for children 2-6. Our CDs have received multiple awards including Parents Choice and Dr. Toy Best Products. Please check out our website to learn more about us at I think it's a great resource for your readers. Thanks, Paula

diane said...

What a treasure trove!

Tara said...

Thanks so much for the resources! This is great!