Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Immersion Class: Los Animales de la Granja

Welcome song: Buenos Dias
Names: Como te Llamas tap

Puppet: El pato? Que dice? Guau, guau? No, los perros dicen gua, guau, guau. Dicen miau, miau? No, los gatos dicen miau, miau. All the kids have to ask, Que dice el pato? so that the duck can quack

Flannel Board Story- Tres patitos
Tres patitos salieron a pasear sobre las montañas, muy lejos
Mama pata dijo: "cuac, cuac, cuac"
Pero solo dos patitos volvieron con mamá.
Dos patitos salieron a pasear …
Pero solo un patito volvió con mamá.
Un patito salió a pasear…
Pero ningun patito volvio con mama.
La triste mamá pata salió a pasear …
¡Y los tres patitos regresaron con mamá!

Activity: I have a little baby chick toy that will make a chirping sound when you pet it. Each student had to say, Que dice el pollito? in order to pet the chick and listen to it say pio.

Song: Los pollitos dicen by Jose-Luis Orozco
We sang it by looking at pictures from this book's illustrations, then we sang it using basic hand movements.

Video clip: We sang the song with basic hand movements and then we watched the video here.

Activity: I gave each child a baby animal. Everyone repeated the names of the animals as I passed them out. Then, I showed them a picture of the Mommy animal and the child that had the baby had to come up. Lots of repeating the animal names.

Book: Sali de Paseo by Sue Williams

Activity: We acted like dogs, cats and ducks after I showed them those pictures:)

Video clip: I showed a short clip to introduce el burro from Los Animales Whistlefritz DVD.

Song: Vengan a ver mi granja by Jose-Luis Orozco. Each student had an animal in the song on a popsicle stick. They had to hold it up when their animal was sung.

Book: La vaca que decía oink

Craft: They colored, cut out and attached yarn to make a pig mask. They could either oink or moo when they were pigs (like the book!)

*I attached all my visuals for the class in a PDF for you to print easily! First page is the pig mask craft. Mommy and Baby animals are pages 2 & 4. Page 5 has pictures for the Tres Patitos feltboard story. Pages 6 & 7 are visuals to cut and put on popsicle sticks to give to the children while singing Vengan a Ver Mi Granja.

To print- click on the title link to go directly to Scribd. Then click print on their website right above the title of my document.
granja animales


Tricia said...

Tati, you are amazing! ¡muchísimas gracias!

Here's an animal idea I borrowed from a storytime we attended: each child gets an animal card or toy, and we sing the Que llueva, que llueva song (if you don't know it, do a search on youtube and you can hear it), but instead of the normal next line about la Vírgen, we sing "el pato está en la cueva" and the child with the pato comes up to put him into the cave (to stay dry while it's raining, of course!), which I make out of a blanket thrown over a little table or chair.

I also found teensy little plastic animals at Target in the dollar bins, and I made "Veo, veo" bottles by putting the animals into clean and dry clear water bottles. Then I filled the bottles up with lentils and taped the lid on securely. I have four of them, and the kids have to twist and turn and shake the bottles to find the animal I name.

diane said...

Wonderful! You're a talent!