Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moving Picture Books Review & Giveaway

***Giveaway Closed***

Winners are: #9 TRICIA, #12 SUSAN, #6 ADRIANA. Thank you for entering!

I am always on the look-out for materials that my children can listen to or watch to add to the Spanish they hear from my husband and me. It gives them a wider range of vocabulary and motivates them to speak more Spanish. One of the most important aspects for me personally is that it is a native speaker reading or narrating, since I am not a native speaker :)

Moving Picture Books takes adorable children's picture books and then animates, adds sound effects and puts music to them. They have them in English, English with read-along text and Spanish! The animation is well-done and perfect for kids to help them understand even if they know only a little Spanish.

Here is one preview of "On Top of Spaghetti" in Spanish:

My girls love watching them and giggle as they see the stories come to life. My oldest daughter was fascinated with the "The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly." "Como puede tragar un caballo?"

Things I love:
-how children see what is spoken so they understand it
-you can buy individual episodes for only $1! I can pick out my favorites that weren't on the DVD I reviewed :) Very Affordable!
-they are short and could be digitally downloaded to an video MP3 or iPhone easily (imagine waiting in a doctor's office and showing your child a quick clip)
-they have adapted some of my favorite books.

Things to watch for:
-the Spanish translations are direct translations. The ABC stories or The Day Pigs Fly don't translate so well. But you can preview all of them and decide which ones your children would love the most!
-Most of the stories are narrated by native speakers. There are a few stories read by children which is adorable. But there are also a few read by someone who Spanish is their second language. She has a great accent, but I am picky and I notice even the slightest accent. To some this would be an advantage, because the speaker's Spanish might be easier to copy.

Moving Picture Books has generously offered to give away 3 DVD's to 3 different readers of this blog!! You may request which DVD you would like and they will send you that DVD depending on availability. The DVD's have English, English with read-along text and Spanish versions on them! Isn't it wonderful!!!

Here is how to enter:
- Go here to look at their previews. (All previews are in English and Spanish!) Come back to this post and make a comment telling us which was your favorite story that you previewed.

Additional entries:

-Become a facebook fan of Wanna Jugar with Migo page (you must already be a part of facebook). Search for Wanna Jugar with Migo. Come back to this post and make another comment saying you are a fan.

-Blog about this giveaway with a link to this post and receive 2 more entries in the contest. Remember to come back to this post and make 2 more comments with a link to your blog entry.

-Become a follower of this blog. Make a comment telling us that you follow our blog (even if you are already a follower)

Giveaway ends Tuesday, October 27th at 10 pm Central Time.

Contest Rules- You can enter only up to four times for the contest by doing each one of the instructions above. Contest ends Tuesday, October 27th at 10 PM Central Time. The winner will be chosen randomly by random.org. Comments must provide a name, no completely anonymous. Only USA addresses, sorry. I will announce the winner on October 28th and the winner must e-mail me within 72 hours. If you provide an e-mail, we will e-mail you.

*If you think you will not check back when we announce winners, please e-mail me at wannajugarwithmigo [at] gmail [dot] com with your e-mail so I can send you an e-mail that you win. In the past, winners might lose out on products they win if they don't respond.


Maria JEsus said...


i posted your giveaway on the side of my blog

Difficult to choose, hmmm i like Bible stories :)
very lovely videos :)

Maria Jesus said...

I'm already a fan in facebook :)


Anonymous said...

I'd love the Are You Ticklish. We have this book in the English/Spanish version and this DVD would be a great supplement. Although it will definitely stress how bad my Spanish is! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan on facebook. Simone T. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

Adriana said...

I am now a fan on Facebook.

Adriana said...

I follow this blog. :)

Adriana said...

Very cute videos! My son picked the monkey jumping on the bed.

Tricia said...

The Coral Reef looks fun!

Tati, are you sure the DVDs include the Spanish version? There's no mention of Spanish on the DVDs on the website that I could find.

Tricia said...

I follow the blog via the RSS feed!

Susan said...

I liked the Noah's Ark book. Luke will love it too. He has been really into Noah's ark since we visited the children's display of the ark at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles.

Susan said...

I am a follower of this blog.

Jessica said...

Hola Tati,

"On Top of Spaghetti" caught my eye because my husband sang the song to our kids from the time they were babies. The animation is hilarious. They'll love it!

Jessica said...

I'm one of your fans on facebook.


Jessica said...

Me, again.

Here's my second entry for blogging about your giveaway.


Tricia said...

Yay! my email is patricia18@juno.com. I'm so excited to win!

Adriana said...

Yea!!! So much fun! I'll email you my info.

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