Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Trying My Best

A while ago I posted about feeling frustrated that I couldn't find a friend that only spoke Spanish to my daughter. I wondered if I am really succeeding at teaching my children Spanish. Yes, I still would love to find a friend for her that would only speak in Spanish. But I have realized that I am trying my best and that is all I can do!

I decided to get all the Spanish books I could find within their reach. (I might add, we haven't been to the library for Spanish books lately, this is mostly our own books). We do read a lot in Spanish. They love these books just as much as the English ones. Sometimes my oldest daughter starts playing Barbies in Spanish and comes out with a word that I know I didn't teach her. Then I remember hearing if from a book we have read together. I know that I am succeeding, even if just a little bit.

I look for opportunities in the area for her to practice Spanish. Our latest babysitter (that would only speak Spanish, see this post) didn't work out as well as our babysitter where we lived before. She just seemed like she wasn't really enjoying playing with my children, instead she was more doing it just for the money. So I am trying to find another babysitter. Now, I am a little impatient finding another babysitter, but I decided I am going to try my best and then relax. I have googled "Spanish storytime" so many times in my area, maybe something will show up closer to me. Trying my best is all I can do!

Sometimes I get frustrated and think, "Maybe my accent is not good enough or my grammar isn't always correct." I hear their mistakes and wonder whether other children their age make the same mistakes. But then I remember something is better than nothing and I'm trying my best!


Anonymous said...

I can understand your struggle to surround your children with Spanish. Not only am I a native Spanish speaker, but am also a high school Spanish teacher...I too find it difficult to find my little one Spanish speaking friends and even parents who are genuinely truing to raise a Spanish speaking child. I can only say don't give up.You are giving your children such an important gift. From one mother to another we can do it.

The Conductor said...

I love your last statement, Tati. Something IS better than nothing, and a HUGE kudos to you for doing your best!!! I used to speak equal amounts of Spanish and English to my first child up until he was about two. Then a combination of things slowed me down and I eventually gave up because I wasn't as good at teaching him Spanish as I'd intended... Well, now he's 9 and how much Spanish does he know? Not nearly as much as he would have if only I hadn't given up on it. I really admire you and am amazed at the language proficiency your girls have. Keep it up! You are an inspiration to so many. You are also blessing your daughters' lives in ways you won't see for years -- maybe decades.