Saturday, January 16, 2010

Por fin...a chapter book to read aloud!

My oldest daughter loves reading chapter books. She get excited about what will happen next and gets very involved with the story. Well, it seems like every Spanish chapter book I have found to read-aloud used more difficult language than she could handle. As we read the story, we would need to stop so often because she asked what was happening. I wanted to find something at her level that she could understand.

The book series I found works wonderfully for girls (sorry, I don't know which books for boys?!) It is called Rainbow Magic series. We checked out Ambar, El Hada Anaranjada, and my daughter loves it. The language is simple enough to understand and complex enough to really stretch my daughter. I'm very excited :)

Any other good, simple chapter books in Spanish that you like to use with your children or students?


Adriana said...

Thanks for passing on this book. We are not at the chapter book stage yet but I am sure that it won't be long. Diego is pretty openminded about books so I may be able to talk him into this one.

Tricia said...

My boys enjoy the Spanish version of the Magic Tree House books, and I can also convince them occasionally to read the Junie B. Jones books with me. Those are pretty funny to me, too, which is always nice!