Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We went to a wonderful hour long storytime at a downtown library. There was traffic, it was rainy, all three kids were upset in the car and it ended up taking us an hour to get there. The big library is also in a bad part of town, so it was quite the adventure. My husband met up with us and we had to laugh about the effort we were putting into just to attend a Spanish storytime. He said "Either this is dedication or an obsession!" I like to think of it just as dedication, but I have to admit I'm a little obsessed :)

All the books were about Halloween, mostly about brujas. They had a little craft to make a mini bag and then each child got to pick a Halloween toy to put in their bags. After the storytime, I noticed the HUGE Spanish section. There were 4 aisles with both sides of the bookcases stacked full of children's Spanish fiction and nonfiction books. It was so dreamy!!! They had so many great books and resources! Too bad I won't be able to hang out at this library very often.

How do you search for local events where they speak Spanish?
Where have you found good places to go?

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Laura said...

That's how I felt about going to our downtown library. So many children's books in soo many languages. My brother took some Seuss books home in chinese!