Thursday, February 17, 2011

Music Videos and More

One of my favorite blogs is by Profesora Sarita called Mis Musicuentos She just wrote about her proposal to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages on problems with foreign language teaching. I found it fascinating to read and full of so many true statements! Click here to read it.

Profesora Sarita always has great ideas for how making language learning authentic and fun for teenagers. My daughters and I have loved watching some music videos she posts that she shows to her students. I'll post my favorite one, "Te Mando Flores" by Fonseca. Let me know if you want the lyrics and translation.

She recently posted her entire collection of lyrics (189 pages full!) she uses in class. Here is her post. She teaches at a Christian school, so all of the songs are appropriate (which is a huge thing for me!).

I just had to share all her ideas :) Thank you, Profesora Sarita!

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