Thursday, February 17, 2011

Using the Webcam!

I am sorry that I have not posted more! Our little baby boy is now 2 months old! Having 3 little girls and a little baby makes life busy!

Although this is a busy time, my husband and I have re-committed to speaking Spanish 3 days a week! It's amazing after a short time not being consistent with speaking Spanish how much they lose. The girls' old babysitter came back to visit from college. It had been a year since she had come over. She told me, "Wow, they have really lost some Spanish!" It was a good reminder to me to get back going.

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As I have written before, we have struggled to find opportunities for my kids to practice their Spanish. We have started using the webcam once a week with Abuela!!! My daughter reads her a short picture book in Spanish and shows her the pictures, then Grandma usually has a game or song to do with my girls. They love it! It motivates them to speak in Spanish more and it doesn't cost anything :)

Do you know of a friend or relative you can skype with in Spanish? What a great authentic way to practice the language!!

I want to write about my thoughts on a local immersion program and teaching my daughter to read in Spanish. I hope to share more games and activities as well that Abuela does with her nietas and other activities we are doing at home :) Now if only had a little more time...

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medina family said...

So glad you're back! I value all your ideas to help with my own kids and some I'm teaching Spanish to, as well. Your ideas are so fun and practical! Thank you for sharing them.

I didn't realize you recently had a little baby! Congratulations!