Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Countries of Central America Song

This year we are studying each continent and learning about the geography and culture of specific countries. Since I lived in Honduras for many years, I want my children to know the countries in Central America. I made up a song to the tune of "Happy Birthday to You" to help them remember the names of the seven countries in Central America.

I also helped my children make their own mini puzzle of Central America. I printed a blank map of Central America (without the country names) on cardstock. Then, I printed the same map, but I had the country names printed on them (again on cardstock). I cut out each individual country with the map that had the country names. I put a little velcro on each of the countries on the blank map and velcro on the back of the individual cut-out countries with names. I would share the jpeg's of the maps, but they are copied from a book for private use only. The kids played with them a lot. We also play a little game where one person takes away a country and the kids have to say which country is missing. Here are some pictures in case it is confusing...

Well, it has worked! My children can recognize these Central American countries!


medina family said...

Love this song! So simple and effective. And what a great way to learn a map. I can't wait to try it with the kids!

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas!

John said...

This is a great post!