Monday, April 4, 2011

Mi Guitarri Music!!

My oldest daughter who is 6 1/2 is starting to resist speaking in Spanish! I always heard this would happen as my children got older, but it is still sad to watch! I think as children get older, they start to feel more conscious of their mistakes they make. I also have to confess we have not been as consistent as I would have liked. Having a new baby always changes life quite a bit. It is harder for my daughter to remember all the words she knew before. We are still trying hard to keep up the Spanish.

One way my daughter does not resist speaking Spanish is through music! This is why anytime I am feeling unmotivated, we put on some music in Spanish, then dance and sing together!

I am pleased to have received a copy of the music, Mi Guitarri, from Calico Spanish curriculum! They have a full curriculum that has everything you need for an immersion type program for elementary aged students! I enjoyed listening to the CD that goes with the curriculum. Click here to go to the website for the Mi Guitarri CD.

Things I love about Mi Guitarri:
-native speaker with a nice voice
-guitar accompaniment is fun to listen to (not cheesy kids' music)
-creative songs that are unlike other Spanish language learning songs
-music is catchy and easy to dance to

The version of Chocolate on the CD is the one we usually sing when we drink hot chocolate or eat any chocolate. I like how it emphasizes the words "A mi me gusta el chocolate" instead of just saying "Me gusta." This has helped my kids to not say "Yo me gusta..." because they remember the words from this song.

Another favorite is the song about rain falling down and it counts raindrops by tens (Gotas de Diez en Diez). What other song in Spanish practices counting by tens? I'm glad it will help my children remember more numbers in Spanish than the first ten or twenty!

I like putting on the A Limpiar song when we get ready to clean up. It talks about how happy is the moment when we get to clean up! It makes me smile because usually cleaning time is not the happiest moment in my house ;) But as we listen to the song, it puts everyone in a good mood.

Make sure to listen to their previews for all their songs at their website. They also have a songbook and DVD that go along with the CD.


Anonymous said...

I love this blog!!! It's so cute and makes me even more inspired to develop my own fluency -- especially through music! Your kids sound adorable too :)

Telitaadams said...

Tatiana! I came across your blog while looking for Halloween music in Spanish for a music group that I help lead. How fun! I love Mi Guitarri as well. I'll be coming back to this blog to look for more ideas. Hope this finds you and the kiddos doing great! Leticia