Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dance Party! OzoKidz Review

I haven't had time to review or add to this blog!  Life is so busy right now.  
But, I had to share this fun new CD with you!  My kids and I (even my husband) think this is the best children's music around.  It doesn't really sound like children's music, it feels more like a dance party.  
It is by an acclaimed Latin Fusion Group, Ozomatli.  They are Grammy award winners and have traveled the world with their music.  But, now they are trying kid's music.  They really are fantastic.  Most of their songs are about playing and having fun, but they mix in some educational themes like Sun and Moon and how trees grow.  
Check out the free download of their song balloon fest here!
They have some Spanish words mixed into some of the songs and many of their beats are Latin inspired like cumbia and merengue.  It is way fun!  
Here is a list of the songs on the CD:
  1. Trees
  2. Moose On the Loose
  3. We Are the Ozokidz
  4. Germs
  5. Like It’s Your Birthday
  6. Exercise
  7. Balloon Fest
  8. Sun and Moon
  9. Piraña
  10. Let’s Go to the Movies
  11. Skateboard
  12. Water
  13. Spelling
  14. Changito
List Price:  $ 9.99 through Amazon.com (Can also purchase through iTunes)

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